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It's been a year since I started the vlog. What now? Well, let's roll back to where we've been and I'll tell you where we're going. Let's connect! Instagram: Facebook: Find me online: Music from and The Music Bed #videographyislife
Most times we find clean and simple backdrops for our photos. However, shooting against a busy background can also yield some pleasing results if done well. Join me, Nadiia, Elton and Reva as we head down to Graffiti Alley in Downtown Toronto to do a creative shoot. Let's connect!

About the vlog

Despite the perceived glamour, the creative journey is a difficult one. In the midst of the grind, it's very easy to overlook the victories along the way and to take stock of what is happening.

Based on this and different insight, I've decided start a vlog, primarily to document my creative journey.

Join me in my video as I share

  • Behind-the-scenes videos of some of my jobs as a videographer and photographer

  • Technical tips and tricks I've picked up along the way

  • Insights into the mindset of staying in the creative marathon that help me

  • My thoughts on different equipment I use to get the job done

  • Some shenanigans and more...